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So how does it work?

Who knows

It's easy to find a list of Doctor Who stories. Or every Dalek story ever shown.

But how about finding a list of Doctor Who stories, starring David Tennant, featuring the Daleks, and Rose Tyler, available on Netflix?

Easy with ListLava Doctor Who Edition's multi-query lists!

Seek, locate, annihilate

Sort by aliens, ratings, anything...

Version 1.0 of ListLava Doctor Who Edition comes with 16 filters built in. Sort Doctor Who stories by Doctor, Season, Companion, Year, Ratings, Aliens and much more. When you're done making your list, you can save, share or compare lists.


Brave choice, celery

Selecting a criteria couldn't be easier. Sort lists by one, two, or even five filters - or more! There's no limit to our evil genius. You can request ratings over a certain amount, or sorts that contain Daleks, or stories that don't! Super easy.

Once you've selected all your criteria, you can save your lists for future reference and comparison.


Master the data matrix

Every entry in the results panel can be selected to view all the related information on that story.

If you have a filter you'd like to see in future editions of ListLava Doctor Who Edition, then just get in touch at to send us your feedback.

Access clips, images, links

We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

We've even built in easy to use shortcuts so you can look up YouTube clips, Google images, Flickr galleries, Links and Wikipedia story information - all with one tap.

Use ListLava Doctor Who Edition to create quizzes, test your Whovian knowledge or find the stories to watch on that theme night. Perfect for 'helping' with trivia quizzes, er hem...


Who. Do you know?

After you've created your lists of Doctor Who stories, you can save them, compare them and share them.

Share to Twitter, Facebook or via email, and ListLava will automatically add the filters you used, so you don't have to type them.

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ListLava Doctor Who Edition version 1.0 available for iPad (2, 3, 4th Gen.) and iPad mini

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It's the 50th Anniversary year, of course, so there'll be updates - and all updates will be free!

Happy times and places.